We nurture and support strong, self assured, resilient women.

“The Greatest Wealth is Health” 

Enjoy exercise over 40/50/60… and beyond!  Learn how to incorporate effective movement into your day.  Feel more energised – improve posture, mood, balance and self esteem. 

Make wellness your priority.

Let me guess… you’re a busy lady? A little voice tells you that you’d benefit from being fitter, building core strength, stretching, not sitting so long at the computer or behind the steering wheel. Perhaps you’re low on energy – you are always short on time, BUT the little voice speaks good sense. Take a long listen…

It’s your time! Women are natural carers, we prioritize our families, it’s easy to get out of the swing of keeping fit. Before we know it, we’ve let things go, gained a little extra weight, we don’t feel as able as we once did, we lose confidence in our bodies. Join a gym? We’d rather walk on hot needles! We ignore the little voice for another day…

The emphasis in my community is keeping fit simple, accessible and fun! We work on core stability, tone, balance, flexibility. We learn good technique, which muscles to engage, good posture. We banish little aches and pains as we grow stronger and we push forwards gently, gaining self confidence and renewed belief in what we can achieve.

This is how we roll…

Fiona Pagett

Personal Trainer

We say NO, nada, nope, forget it to –


Faddy diets – the yo-yo behaviour ends here.


Weigh scales – we aim to feel fantastic in our favourite jeans, that’s enough.


BMI (Body Mass Index) – ask a rugby player if it’s a good measurement of obesity?


Hours slogging on a treadmill – we don’t do boring.


Calorie counting – we’d rather watch paint dry.

We say YES, yeeha, whoop whoop, bring it on to –


Strong, not skinny – it’s a better look, trust me.


Wholesome food – we love to eat well, so we do.


Balance – use it or lose it, we learn to use it.


Super strong core – for so many reasons.


Tone – oh yes, we banish these pesky flabby bits.

The simple truth is this. As much as we need to eat and hydrate, we need to move more. It’s not an optional extra, it’s an absolute necessity. This is not a preach, it’s just a fact. Inactivity is currently the biggest scourge on society, globally, it’s a killer. You can tell me that you’ve left this too late, that your body is beyond redemption, that you don’t have the means or the time, but I won’t believe you. I’ve helped women in their seventies to make incredible progress with strength and fitness. I can help you too. It’s never too late. That little voice of yours is wise and kind. It’s your time.

Contact me to learn more about how you would benefit from personal training (face to face or online), tailored to your goals and requirements.  It might just be the gentle nudge you need…


Our coaching program is for everyone.

“What a joy! Finding Fiona to take me through the much needed fitness plan has been a joy. I knew I needed to do something different and tone up but where, how and more importantly with whom was too many decisions and so I kept putting off the decision. Fiona prompted me to give this a go. And WOW. It is so easy to log in. I don’t have to travel so very time effective and I cannot hide! I have more energy, am definitely stronger and inches lost. Fiona challenges and supports in equal measure. What a great way to get fit.”

Alison Taylor

“Your work has a far greater impact than many people realise. It’s not about the weight, it’s about life. You help people live their lives to the full. In fact, I would go so far as to say that I suspect you give many of these women their lives back again. This isn’t just exercise, or losing weight, this is allowing people to be the best possible version of themselves, in every sense. And you’re damned good at it.”

Sally Graddon

“Six months after a knee operation, I was keen to start exercising again. I had tentatively begun by visiting the gym, but was becoming bored with the repetition. On finding it very busy one night, my friend and I “stumbled” upon Fiona’s class by accident, and have never looked back! Fiona understands that for us it is certainly NOT about the perfect bikini body! It is all about feeling good about ourselves and making the most of what we have, by focusing on strength, stamina, toning and hopefully losing a few pounds. With Fiona’s “gentle encouragement”, she has inspired us to achieve more than we could have imagined ourselves capable of.”

Wilma Paterson


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