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I’ll keep this simple too. After many years in broadcasting / communications, I took a leap of faith and qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer. My faith was based on two things. First, I have a deep need to care and serve others. Second, I was ‘sporty girl’ at school…. heck, what’s 25yrs in the grand scheme of things? I always kept myself fit and active but not in a focused way. I was the oldest person on my PT course (yikes) and the only one who couldn’t perform a press up (double yikes).

Now, aged 47, I can do many press ups and I’m two stones lighter, not by dieting (I don’t do diets), just by exercising more with the right knowledge. It’s nothing but a privilege to help others achieve things when they doubt they can! This is my gift to you!

“My mission behind ‘KeepingFitSimple’ is based on consistent feedback from clients over the last 5 years. I work with women of all ages who want to feel fitter and more energised every day!”

We are busy women, lots of us have families and careers. My clients want to MOVE more, they want to FEEL better, have more ENERGY and enjoy exercise but they don’t want the rocket science behind it. I am one of these women, with two teenagers and two lively dogs in tow. I lead by example. I genuinely do keep it simple and I get great results along with a lot of laughs! Exercise should be fun!

Personal Trainer

I stick to what I know works. I’ve done this for long enough to have full confidence in what I offer. I am also a qualified Alpine Ski Leader – I love to ski! Along the way, I’ve taught Spin (phew), Bokwa (love to dance), Cardio Tennis (such a racket) and I’m a certified Level 1 Basketball coach (we won’t be shooting hoops, don’t worry). I am a huge fan of gym balls, dumbbells, balance boards and Tabata – an effective mix

“I progress with small gains. I don’t hit anything hard – who wants to ache for days? I encourage you to celebrate every single win and love to see self esteem rising because it ALWAYS does. Who knows what’s possible until we try? If we never try, we’ll never know.”

I’ll leave you with a little thought… I remember the day of my PT course several years back, when the instructor said, “on the floor chaps, 20 press ups”. I froze. I knew that I didn’t have the strength and risked a major face plant and tooth reconstruction or a broken nose! I was mortified. I made press ups my one mission to prove I could IMPROVE and grow stronger post 40yrs. So it began, one little half press up… one full one, two, three, four. I did it. Many of my clients have taken the same journey. It’s all possible. It’s all so empowering. Are you next? I hope so.

Official Bio

Fiona is a certified Level 3 Personal Trainer and founder of ‘Keeping Fit Simple’.

She has additional certificates in Nutrition, Spin, Cardio Tennis, Bokwa Level 1, Basketball coaching Level 1 and is a qualified Alpine Ski Leader. Fiona graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 1991 with a degree in English Literature.

Shortly afterwards, she found herself reporting live traffic reports from a helicopter and so began a colourful career in broadcast journalism – radio and television.

She continues to be involved with the media and was recently a guest presenter on BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Personal Best’ programme.

After a ‘mummy break’ to care for her young children, Fiona returned to work as Head of Communications for the business charity, Scottish Business in the Community.

In 2004, Fiona established ‘Trahenna’, a video production company and ran this successfully for seven years from her home in the Scottish Borders until the big recession took it’s toll!

After much soul seeking and a touch of stubborn determination, Fiona qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer in 2011 and was promptly employed as Duty Manager for a local leisure centre before going freelance as a PT, coaching 1-1 and taking classes locally.


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