Guess what? I’m just like you…

by | Dec 11, 2016

image-for-blog-2Luckily, I have a great, sound Scottish sense of humour. When people say things like, “don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re really normal, or should I say relatable”, I’m actually delighted! I don’t throw myself on the floor and bash my fists on the ground because people don’t see me as some kind of super pumped, marvellously toned, flash the abs kind of PT. I take ‘normal’ as a compliment because to me, that means approachable and this matters!

I worry when I think ‘fit’ equals intimidating. It breaks my heart to hear women say they wouldn’t dare enter a gym or even a class because they fear being surrounded by lots of hyper, super svelte, lycra clad ‘fitties’. We shouldn’t have reached this point where essentially, we have people who exercise and are put into one category and people who don’t, therefore sit quietly in another corner. I first noticed this phenomenon years back when I visited California and there seemed to be two ‘types’ of people emerging – blonde bombshells in skimpy attire jogging effortlessly along beach fronts aside a growing obesity issue… much as we are seeing now in the UK.

This is not a healthy gap. It’s not a necessary gap either and potentially, it’s very damaging when it’s so critical that we support EVERYone with encouraging an increase in daily activity. Inactivity is our biggest single health issue and it’s pandemic. Somewhere along the line, being ‘fit’ has been equated with the need to acquire a ‘bikini body’ and abs of steel – being fit has morphed with mixed messages about body image. In fact, being fit and active can be far simpler than this.

So, here I am, your ‘normal’ PT. I’m comfortable in my clothes, I’m fit, strong and I will always continue to improve, because it’s important that I’m some kind of inspiration to clients. I’m willing to perform twenty press ups and say, “if I can do this, so can YOU” because a few years back, I couldn’t do one! In between times though, I’m a devoted mum with a lot to juggle. I have huge admiration for people who nurture sculpted bodies (with no supplements), this is hard work. I am in awe of those who complete an Ironman race, cycle, run, swim for miles – this takes tremendous commitment and true guts. This is elite fitness and who knows, I may go there one day. For now though, I’m delighted with ‘normal’ and very happy to be just like you.