The world of ‘fitness’ is fickle at times with new types of classes fading as fast as they appeared to blossom. For my latest offering, I decided to go with a class which has stood the test of time, shows no signs of fading into the distant past and remains the world’s biggest dance fitness phenomenon. I chose to teach ZUMBA! And I love it! Who doesn’t? That’s the point.

I love the story of Zumba – it’s a fairy tale success. Back in the ‘90s in Colombia, a very keen young dancer and choreographer, Alberto Perez, was struggling to secure work. He was pulled in last minute to cover an aerobics class and he made the mistake we all dread – he forgot his music. In his backpack, he had tapes of salsa and merengue and guess what? The class adored it. Next thing there were queues outside his class and so Zumba was born.

Now, approximately 15 million people take Zumba classes in over 200,000 locations across 180 countries. It’s been running for 18yrs and it continues to expand. Referred to as ‘exercise in disguise’, it’s the perfect combination of dance styles (cumbia, salsa, mambo etc), catchy music from around the globe and aerobic movement. Genius.

Zumba is the perfect compliment to what I currently offer which is strength and conditioning, toning and balance work. All of this builds a functionally strong body, then Zumba gets that body moving freely and burning calories (average 600 per class).

It’s a class full of smiles and laughter, swaying hips and cheeky moves. It’s fun, euphoric, addictive, loud, hot and sweaty. I’m loving this new journey and so, it seems are my clients!