Strong body – strong mind – strong body!

by | Jan 11, 2017

We often hear it said, a strong mind is a strong body, we also hear that a strong body is a strong mind? In my experience, it works both ways. However, if you face challenges with fitness, you need to develop the right mindset to make changes in your body. A strong mind alone doesn’t magically produce a strong body (sadly). A strong body though… I’ve seen the results.

I had a client comment recently, “I had a really tough meeting at work today, usually it would have floored me, today, I breezed it, because I feel stronger physically”. I have little moments like this often when I’m working with clients and they really move me. I have my ear to the ground, always because they’re often throwaway comments, it takes time for people to understand that the changes they are making to their bodies WILL affect the way they operate day to day.

If we take this at a really basic level, it’s a no brainer. We get up, we’re tired, lethargic, hunched over, our posture is defensive if anything, certainly not exuding confidence. We have a difficult meeting at work or even a challenging chat with our kid’s teacher and we fail before we’re even through the door because we sort of wallop in and essentially we have no physical defence mechanism in place. We look weak! We may even lose an inch in height because we’re not standing upright, shoulders back, prepared, strong.

We admire the athletes in our lives, we feel good vibes from them but look carefully, they’re all upright – they use their tummy muscles to support good posture. They hold themselves well with shoulders back and immediately, they’re powerful. How lovely to feel powerful simply in the way you present yourself and take a stance – naturally.

Core strength is key. Your core, your abdominal muscles play a major role in supporting your entire frame. It is a real joy to see people begin to feel and I guess embrace abdominal muscles. It takes time, it’s a process. The results are always the same though, better posture, full height, control. I had one client say to me, “I’m bracing my tummy muscles when I’m driving”, yes, brilliant, learn to brace them always, think about how they are working because they most often are, and the mere act of bracing helps you stand strong.

So, as you progress with your fitness, look forward to the knock on effects because they’ll come!
A strong body nourishes and encourages a strong mind which then gains courage and commitment and works harder to maintain a strong body! It’s a win-win!